Thank you, HR! You’re the best. I really appreciate your work on this book. It was an intricate one, and your design looks fantastic.
—Lindsey Boldt, Nightboat Books Managing Editor

Huge thanks to HR for laying this out with such incredible respect for the poems—their stanza breaks, especially—really can see the grace in her work, and it was a thrill to go through this because of that. Thank you!
—Jessica Laser

I just picked up my copies [of SIR] at SPD and the book is so astonishing! It is everything I imagined. I have no words!!! Thank you all so much! I am so stunned!
— Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

O my! This is IT. It’s perfect. It’s so lascivious, but curious, slightly feline, very botanical, darling, and nasty. Thank you. Wow!
— Lyn Hejinian

So happy about the website — excellent & elegant! People love it! You are a genius at so many things — gratitude.
— Anne Waldman

The website!! How amazingly beautiful. I think the designer did a magnificent job!! Please pass along my heart felt congratulations. I know Leslie would be thrilled, and beyond pleased!
— Petah Coyne

Thank you so much, HR! People love the website!
— Etel Adnan & Simone Fatal

Do you know designer HR Hegnauer? HR worked on this book and one can tell. HR’s a writer and performer as well as a designer, and brings, well, an ethic, to the task of turning an author’s work into an object. I say all this, all this about design and whatnot because to me (& to you) it really does matter; it has an effect on one’s relationship with the poems; here, it’s a wide page, margins aplenty, but few words, almost a Celanesque glint, a Dickinsonian glister to the shape and vector of the words aligned as they are — content not withstanding, then content to be withstanding, with metaphysical inquiry, with age-old conundrums.
— Noah Eli Gordon, The Volta

The physical book itself is so aesthetically pleasing, that one might be tempted to frame it.
— Robin Elizabeth Sampson, We Who Are About to Die

What makes this particular edition a joy to hold is the design by HR Hegnauer, incorporating cover art by Nancy Blum. With a 7″x8″ trim size, 148 pages of creamy, heavyweight paper, generous 1.5″ margins, and even pumpkin-colored endpapers!, this is the kind of book that reminds you why all is not lost for the medium. Seeing that it was printed under the guidelines of the Green Press Initiative just makes the feeling that much more snuggly. Kudos to Blum, Hegnauer, and Belladonna* for a thoughtful and pleasing design befitting the work of Harryman and Hejinian. Brill, brill, and brill.
Tarpaulin Sky