Thanks for visiting my website. My name is HR Hegnauer, and I design books, websites, and promotional materials for independent publishers, artists, writers, and small businesses. Please take a look around at my work and feel free to email me at any time.


I specialize in working with independent presses and have designed over 100 books, anthologies, and journals. In addition to designing the cover, I also design and typeset the interior pages. A few of the presses that I often work with include Belladonna Books, Litmus Press, and Nightboat Books, among many others.

If you’re new to publishing and are looking to start your own small press, I can advise you on everything from the production of the book to distribution. Depending on your needs, I can recommend some great printers and put you directly in touch with the representatives that I’ve worked with in the past. I’m also happy to advise on printing details like paper stock, weight, and laminate finishes.

If you’re an established publisher who’s just looking for someone to do your layout and design work, I’m eager to work with you, too. I can quickly provide you a quote upfront; just send me a message.

When it comes time to get your book out into the world, I can help you reach distributors as well as promote and sell your books through your own website or blog. I can create postcards, catalogs, bookmarks, or any kind of promotional material. For more information on websites and promotional material, please read below.

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I’ve designed websites for independent publishers, writers, artists, and small businesses. I’ll work with you to brainstorm ideas for each page and to build the overall layout, structure, and design of your website. Once we launch the website, you can take control of general edits and changes to the pages through a simple interface. Behind the scenes, I’ll install the Google analytics tracking system on each page to allow you to more carefully evaluate your website in terms of your actual visitors: how they arrive to your website, where they’re coming from, what kind of technology they’re using, and what they’re clicking on and viewing. This can help track simple things like the effectiveness of an ad or email campaign as well as the overall success of your website.

I can add ways for your website to generate money for you through donations, sales, subscriptions, or gift certificates.

If you already have a website, and you’d like for it to be re-designed, I can work with your existing code. Or if you’re looking for something completely new, we can build something from scratch.

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More recently, I’ve been fortunate to work on some amazing CD & DVD media design projects with the Fast Speaking Music label. If you’d like to work on a media project together, please contact me.

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This is somewhat of the “everything else” catagory, and I’m happy to make everything else for your organization, too.

Catalogs, brochures, programs, posters, postcards, showcards, business cards, bookmarks, ads, sell sheets, labels, letterhead, logos, buttons, etc. You name it; I’ll make it. Just let me know what you’re thinking about and how I can help out.

If you already have a printer, I can work directly with them. If not, I can recommend appropriate printers, paper stocks, and laminate finishes that I’ve had success with for each type of project.

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